Picture: Ed Wray Midway through The Australian’s visit, a Laotian delegation ­arrives: three portly men in tight shirts who place rhinestone-­encrusted souvenir T-shirts ­before the King of Kings and defer­entially bend to kiss his ringed finger.

As he tells it, 681st in a bloodline of custodian kings dedicated to safeguarding a cache of gold and platinum dating back to King Solomon — collateral for all the world’s debts — Sino claims to be on the verge of distributing million to every man, woman and child, if only he can outsmart the evil global financial corporations blocking his way.

But Peter van Runt, a retired Canberra IT consultant, who got involved with Swiss Indo back in 2013 through alternative New Age media and a movement to dissolve the world’s banks and corporations in the wake of the GFC, is having none of it.

From fake gold and platinum (spelled “plattinium”) bars on Sino’s chaotic desk, to the claimed association with figures as diverse as King Solomon, John F.

Kennedy and Pope Francis, and the fabulist stories of Sino’s godlike powers, suspending credibility just became too ­difficult for van Runt.“(Sino) would tell people they were the reincarnation of famous figures.

In the unfolding saga of the King of Kings, Sino — a balding man in an Asian-influenced ­Sergeant Pepper-style jacket — chain-smokes his way through an explanation of his Swiss Indo World Trust group, a money cult that has drawn in dozens of ­Australians, including a former Nick Xenophon running mate, Ann Bressington.

The complex Dungeons and Dragons-style fantasy of dark states, corporations masquerading as national governments, Knights Templar mythology and financial conspiracies on a global scale would be a more amusing tale if it were not threatening to leave an arc of trouble in its wake.

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The Clinical Commissioning Group is NHS Greenwich CCG and the police force is Metropolitan Police. 300Mbps Ofcom does not currently provide download speed data for SE3 9NF.Dodo Warda, operations director of the People’s Credit Bank in West Java, told The Australian his bank was reluctant to take legal action against Swiss Indo default­ers because “some of them eventually agreed to pay and some missed out in their instalments only once or twice”.“But we are worried that more and more people will turn up with similar excuses because these ­people were introduced to Swiss Indo by their friends.“We are meeting up with several government agencies (today) about this.We’ll see how it goes.”Sino, however, has had enough of the banks’ disobedience.“Some of them are actually civil servants and some are small-businesspeople behind on their loan.“Of course we’re very, very concerned about the implications of this case.What’s worrying is that if we let this continue to ­happen more and more people will come to banks with these ­certificates.”On the day The Australian visit­ed Swiss Indo, several debtors loitered hopefully at the edge of the crowd, among them a couple who had travelled all the way from Lampung in southern Sumatra.Mohammad Nor Karim and his wife, Rini, fish farmers who also breed chickens, said they had amassed debts totalling 20 million rupiah (00) with 10 different banks — a modest sum by Aust­ralian standards but one that had become impossible to service.