They are wholly unaware (at least, for now) that you would do anything and everything in your power to protect them from harm and keep them safe. “It’s time for your child’s treatment,” he explains from beneath a white breathing mask, shattering your calm.

Clutching your baby protectively, you eye the doctor with suspicion. It will help him or her be recognized and get along more easily with others who've already received the same treatment.

With infant gender assignment, in a single moment your baby's life is instantly and brutally reduced from such infinite potentials down to one concrete set of expectations and stereotypes, and any behavioral deviation from that will be severely punished—both intentionally through bigotry, and unintentionally through ignorance.

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The shame and the mysticism surrounding them is fading at an exponential rate, as public consciousness matures from the depths of exploiting puerile stereotypes and bigoted joke depictions of the trans experience into a more complex awareness of, and sensitivity to, the humanity and emotions of non-cis people.

Every parent today knows there is a chance their child might be transgender.

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You’re either ready to reap this freaky-assed harvest or you’re not.” Carving orange pumpkins sounds like a pretty fitting way to ring in the season. Performing an all-gourd reenactment of an episode of — specifically the one when Arnold and Dudley experience a disturbing brush with sexual molestation. Felonies and gourds have one very important commonality: they’re both extremely fucking real.A good chance for improved social privilege, with a comparatively tiny risk of negative (albeit potentially catastrophic) consequences?Or would the stakes be too high: Russian roulette with your baby's life? Pressure to accept a medical treatment, no tangible proof of its necessity, its only benefits conferred by the fact that everyone else already has it, and coming at a terrible expense to those 1 or 2 percent who have a bad reaction. Obstetricians, doctors, and midwives commit this procedure on infants every single day, in every single country.In your arms you cradle a stunningly beautiful, perfect little being.Completely innocent and totally vulnerable, your baby is entirely dependent on you to make all the choices that will define their life for many years to come. He looks at you sternly, gloved hands reaching for your baby insistently.This issue deserves serious consideration by every parent, because no matter what gender identity your child ultimately adopts, infant gender assignment has effects that will last through their whole life.