She kisses him back and eventually breaks up with Dawson, shortly after starting to date Jack.The two have a relationship for a while, until Jack comes to terms with being gay.Jack befriends Jen and she briefly moves into Jack's house with him, after Andie leaves to receive medical attention, and the two end up moving in with Grams.

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Jack and Pacey remain friends and in college they move in with Emma Jones, becoming flat mates.

Joey Potter Joey and Jack first meet in Crossroads, during a fight between Dawson and Joey.

This results in him dumping Tobey and slacking off at college, until he finds himself utterly unrecognisable.

Although Jack rectifies his academic career, as that is something he wishes to do at the end of Season 5, he is portrayed in relationships as someone who doesn't really want to be in a relationship, but he still has one with David (which does not end well for that exact reason).

Jack proceeds to continually surprised Joey with his keen discerning of human nature, though she also thinks of him as clumsy – this perception is later rectified.

As they become friends, Jack finds himself drawn to Joey and kisses her.

Afterwards, Joey is supportive of Jack and the two form a close friendship that would last the series.

In Season 5, when Jack speaks derogatorily of Audrey, Joey calls him out and while Jack is often seen to be the most perceptive and right in arguments and discussions in the group, as he possesses a grounded life view, Joey seems to be the most able of the gang to call him out on his stuff, perhaps due to the two having dated.

Dawson Leery Jack and Dawson didn't get on well at first due to Jack's attraction to and later relationship with Joey, Dawson referring to Jack as the guy who stole Joey away from him.