I like the outdoors and also working on cars and...

her answer was when I pee the hair gets wet and smelly.

probably this is the main reason for most women who shaves.

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I grew up in the 70s and masturbated to soooo many magazines that had hairy girls---i guess it is just 'hard wired' in me (that was a great pun! There's something incredibly sexy and appealing about a woman with a furry kitty. If a woman is the type that gets the puss filled pores, razor burned, just rode a cheese grater look, then she should definately refrain from shaving. I always ask a woman who I'm involved with to let it grow out and assume she is either cheating or plans to cheat on me if she meet's Brad Pitt or a fat wallet if she doesn't want to look like what is my strong preference. AND it actually looks like you went through puberty too. I'm very glad to see so many men that also have my preference.

The bikini excuse is the only one I've found acceptable. Hopefully things will turn around and women will start sprouting pubes on the Va JJ before I'm too old to make my dick work anymore.^^ Agreed, and it's why I put "fetish" in quotes.

Her txt: I caved last night :(Me txt: I didn't realize shaving was an addiction. Me txt: Just slap some miracle grow on it and u should be ok, little girl. I wasn't being mean to her and she doesn't interprate it that way either.

Looking for women that don't shave/wax and if I date someone who does, I'd prefer them not to shave or wax.

Today is a good example of what I was talking about BTW, regarding cheating. I've only known her for a couple weeks and I already suspect she is just staying "prepped" in case she wants to screw someone else.