Korea, which is as nationally proud as you would expect from this long lineage and its position surrounded by three super-powers - not to mention being a country split in half- was isolated from the west for thousands of years and retains a culture and customs that will continually surprise and entertain. Food is amazingly spicy and distinctive, eating seems to always involve plenty of people and alcohol and is for many visiting one of the main highlights.

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Most of them are wonderful but some temples are not worth the entry fee and crowds plus temple 'over-load' soon take effect. Misty forgotten archipelagos and volcanic islands linger off the coast while pine-clad national parks dot the mainland.

Before Japanese occupation in 1910, three dynasties ruled, dating back to 57 BC.

In general however the real highlight is just being there and day-to-day experiences.

Lowlights: Japan's history is full of earthquakes, fires (and arsons) and wars...

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The definition of a 'peeping Tom' is a person who derives sexual pleasure from secretly watching people undressing or engaging in sexual activity.

few things remain from old times; most castles are reconstructed in ferro-concrete.