"At the time, we had no reason to question what these guys were telling us — but in hindsight, I realize that this was very likely the Miramax smear campaign in full swing." Jackson and Weinstein were in business together as Jackson was putting the pieces together for what would be his massively successful three-picture franchise The first film originally was slated to be a Miramax picture, but Jackson and Weinstein had a falling out over the number of installments Jackson intended to make, he has said, so he took his project to New Line.Weinstein and his brother Bob Weinstein both have executive producer credits on all three films.Many youth group spring of 2004 sentenced jackson greene to months in jail after.

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Through his rep at Sitrick and Co., the disgraced mogul denied all of Jackson's allegations in a lengthy statement sent to media outlets Friday morning, saying that both women were considered for other Weinstein projects.

As an executive producer, Weinstein asserts that he had "no input" on casting, and that he continued to work with Judd and Sorvino's husband, Christopher Backus. Weinstein has nothing but the utmost respect for Peter Jackson. Jackson will probably remember, because Disney would not finance the , Miramax lost the project and all casting was done by New Line," the statement read.

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