Once you click You use a reversing journal to post a journal and its reverse on a future date.

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This makes sure that the journal is included on your VAT return correctly.

In a single journal, you can have several lines representing each of these elements: Thanks for your feedback.

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When posting a journal with VAT, you must make sure the nominal account details contain separate lines for the net, VAT and gross values.

This makes sure that the journal is included on your VAT Return correctly.

Making journal entries can be a stressful thing if you've never done them before.

If you're the type of person who loves Quick Books because it does everything for you, and you are hesitant to actually do any double entry accounting yourself, you may question yourself as you make journal entries even though Quick Books makes them simple.

If you are making end-of-year entries or adding to the year's depreciation, use the last day of the fiscal year.