Last night was the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards, which is like the Oscars of the fashion industry, except it wasn't televised, we didn't speculate about the winners for months on end, and there were even more gay men in attendance. 's husband and wives exchanged places as Bill learned to share Margie with another man (a Green card marriage for his bastard child), and Nikki, influenced by questionable hormones, realized her true love for Bill, and her accompanying jealousies.Naturally, with anything fashion-related, there were a ton of wacky outfits. Last night, Anna Wintour's charity boondoggle, the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, brought out the brightest in the fashion world and tons of celebrities wearing their couture finest. The art house's favorite princess is establishing herself on premium cable, just like a regular actress. prickly pear last week set of a chain reaction ruining Li Lo's life.

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Chloe You Tube series (performed by Drew Droege and directed by Jim Hansen) is as much a commentary on Chloë Sevigny's ridiculous persona as it is the ridiculousness of celebrity impersonation, having spiraled so far from resembling the actual actress...probably. Anyway, this reimagining of "The 12 Days of Christmas" is a total masterpiece (full disclosure: it's also barely a song).

, Chloë Sevigny plays a pre-op transsexual contract assassin with a love child.

As a teenager, the most rebellious thing that she did was smoking cigarettes and taking some hallucinogens.

Although she has questioned her own gender and sexuality in the past, she does not identify as bisexual. She was diagnosed as a child, but never had any surgeries for the medical ailment. Her apartment is a “classic six” that is located within the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn.

She is also known for playing the role of Nicolette Grant in the 2006-2011 show, Big Love.

During that time, Chloe was in a total of 53 episodes.

Harmony Korine: (1994-1997) From 1994 to 1997, Chloe Sevigny dated Harmony Korine. Damon Dash: (2004) Damon Dash is known for his work as an entrepreeur.

Even after she broke up with the film director, they remained good friends. In 2004, he was spotted kissing Chloe Sevigny at the Brown Bunny premiere. James Ransone: (2008) Chloe went to the premier of Generation Kill in 2008 with James Ransone.

Jarvis Cocker: (1998-1999) Starting in 1998, Chloe began dating Jarvis Cocker. Matt Mc Auley: (1999-2007) Following her relationship with Jarvis, Chloe began dating Matt Mc Auley in 1999. Their relationship has never been confirmed by the couple.