director beau, Darren Arononfsky after one year together…and you’re probably caught up on the news that Brad and Angie have been split for quite some time now.

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Online reported that Chris Martin's first rebound girlfriend, of all people, was the universally adored Jennifer Lawrence.

Like honestly, she's Katniss; he wrote "Fix You."But it looks this unlikely couple actually happening, because shortly after the romance was reported, we uncovered this JLaw-penned letter confirming the relationship.

Check out JLaw talking about her steamy sex scenes with Chris Pratt in the video below!

Are Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence cooking up on the most powerful showbiz romances of all time?

Maybe if we all say Pitt and Lawrence are banging, eventually it'll start happening.

The power of positive thinking, and whatnot, ya know?

More recently it was reported that Brad had also started a relationship with Kate Hudson, but she flatly denied that.

We don't need to tell you what this means: Two of the Extremely Attractive People on Hollywood's ever-dwindling A-list are single, and should therefore mingle. We would love nothing more than for these golden gods of cinema to get together and begin breeding brilliant and beautiful children who will lead us into a new era of peace and prosperity. But if the fact that we once again didn't awaken this morning to breakfast in bed served by a wisecracking robot has taught us anything, it's that we can't just will things into being simply because they'd be awesome. In a piece suspiciously titled, “Post split with Angelina Jolie, has Brad Pitt moved on to Jennifer Lawrence?

” the tabloid offers some not-so-compelling evidence, mostly culled from anonymous sources.

One "insider" claims that Brad and Jen have been "enjoying lots of late nights.” Another source wants us to believe that Brad freakin' Pitt had a hard time summoning the courage to make the first move.

It's the same reason we won't shut up about our breakfast robot.