Her buzz-saw howl on tunes like "We Are the One" is sexy enough, but it's the spiky blond hair that really does it for us. A., and much of their legend came from Darby Crash's feral sex appeal. Exene Cervenka, X Exene Cervenka's firmly in the lineage of Patti Smith-influenced literate punks, though her otherworldly harmonies with John Doe in X came from somewhere entirely different.

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That's where his sexiness came from, not the cult of personality that sprang up after his death, and that's the memory we're honoring. Take that musical intensity, and combine it with cute-as-a-button looks and legitimate comedic chops (what other '90s rocker can you imagine anchoring a show with Fred Armisen?

) and you've got a singular, unbeatable, package. Guy Picciotto, Fugazi Ian Mac Kaye might have made Fugazi anthemic, but Guy Picciotto made them sexy.

Before he was a humorless, muscle-bound clod, he was a scrappy, sexy Jersey boy with a skyscraper of a voice. She dueted with Lemmy on a cover of "Stand By Your Man;" spent an entire record advance by loading a car with explosives, driving towards a stage, and then jumping out at the last minute; and repeatedly battled the law over indecency charges. If you're not in love, we don't know what more we can offer you. As for that ranting, it was the result of a passionate, lacerating intelligence and a lot of empathy for the underdogs of the world. The low-slung Les Paul, the towering inferno of jet-black hair; anyone who got laid playing hair metal owes Thunders. After spending the '80s with John Doe, now she gets to hang out with Viggo Mortensen. She was a little heavy; she wore dental braces, and she used to dress like this onstage.

He sang like Elvis, brawled like Rollins, and won the hearts of horror-film obsessed punk girls everywhere. Of course, then she'd open her mouth and let loose with "Oh Bondage! ," establishing a fearlessly sexy template still being seen today in ladies like Gossip's Beth Ditto. Dee Dee Ramone, The Ramones None of the Ramones were exactly pageant contestants, but Dee Dee had a sinewy appeal.

We don't know where she's going when she tears into one of those stream-of-consciousness rants, but we want to go there with her. Kathleen Hanna, Bikini Kill Kathleen Hanna is better known for her dance-punk projects Julie Ruin and Le Tigre at this point, but we've chosen to immortalize her for her status as the first riot grrl.

Whether you'd rather get manhandled by her in a mosh pit or dance all night with her in a Brooklyn loft, there's no denying Hanna's remained quite the looker over the years. Grant Hart, Hüsker Dü Bob Mould had the more visible career post-Hüsker Dü, and is probably who most people think of when the band is mentioned. Hart, on the other hand, was writing songs like "Books About UFO's," which were a nicely sunny counterpoint to Mould's gloom.

That said, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who didn't at one point carry a torch for their neighborhood punk rocker, and it's in that spirit that we're counting down the sexiest punk rockers of all time. Dave Vanian, The Damned The Damned were the first English punk band to release a single (1976's "New Rose"), but it's Vanian's later transformation into a proto-Goth vampire that really amped up his sex appeal.

We'll take his loopy, high-spirited stage presence over Peter Murphy's dour contortions any day. Penelope Houston, The Avengers Penelope Houston remains one of the most important female trailblazers in punk. Darby Crash, The Germs The Germs were one of the terrors of the late '70s punk scene in L.

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