It also allows the bully to perform at his sadistic best (or worst) before like-minded aggressors. According to Violence Prevention, these include: Cyber bullying can have disastrous consequences for young children, teens, and adults who are not familiar with the tactics of cyber bullies.

Adult cyber bullying is often not as humiliating as it is for children.

But the issue with adult cyber bullying is that adults have no one to turn to.

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Trolls as Sadists A new study seeks to classify the personalities of those who engage in trolling and to dissect this predatory behaviour.

The report by Erin Buckels of the University of Manitoba and two of her colleagues investigated the behaviour patterns of people who enjoyed online trolling and investigated whether they possessed personality traits such as being manipulative, deceitful, narcissistic, having a lack of remorse, and/or a willingness to inflict pain on others.

The harassment progressed to attacks against the boy’s parents. Mitchell’s father stated that it sounded like kids: – Schwartz Hard-core trolls consider this type of provocation hilarious, a true indication of the juvenile mentality and mind-set of the dedicated troll.

To families such as the Hendersons who have experienced a loss, this behaviour is devastating.

But by the same token, it has opened up a Pandora’s box of cyber crime, Internet fraud, and – Kowalski.

Sometimes it involves high school kids teasing and bullying each other on Facebook.

– Schwartz Frequently, the technique employed is to ask stupid questions and lull the unsuspecting victim into a false sense of security and superiority.

Then the troll pounces with a constant barrage of insults meant to overwhelm and intimidate.

It is critical to keep a record of the incidents and to save any texts or photos associated with it.