Banks have also disposed of non-core assets, reduced their exposure to market risk and generally refocused their activities on more traditional business models.

These measures imply that banks are today in a much better position to intermediate between those who save and those who want to invest, thereby supporting the recovery.

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For instance, in Italy the introduction of a new permanent contract in 2015 led to a 5% increase in new gross hires.

Along similar lines, the Spanish labour market reform is found to have increased the likelihood of exiting from unemployment to employment, while the direct transition from temporary to permanent positions is also eased by the reform.

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An important driver behind the good performance of domestic demand is the very favourable financing conditions for firms and households, which are heavily contingent on our policy measures.

However, the positive developments also reflect the pay-off from years of balance sheet repair, institution-building – at both national and Union level – and structural reforms.

In addition, the Commission has assessed that at least “some progress” has been made on around two-thirds of the country-specific recommendations issued between 20.