It sparked an affair that lasted the rest of her marriage, through her divorce in her early 40s and beyond.When the online dating experiment began, she was still emotionally hung up on the married man and had even called him recently.

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When Kayli Stollak got home from her first online date, she immediately called one of her best girlfriends and trusted confidante: her grandma Gail.

“You are definitely a girl who kisses on the first date,” her grandmother counseled. There was the diminutive “professional dater” who kept his phone crammed with numbers of girls he met on Ok Cupid.

Still, the pair wound up having plenty of adventures — and after Stollak starting blogging about them she landed a writeup in Oprah magazine and appearances on “Good Morning America,” and CNN followed.

'Men my own age are stiff and boring,' she explains. I love clubbing with my daughter Mandy and and we both get a lot of attention from young men when we’re out.

Never date cheap guys, her granddaughter concluded.

Online dating wasn’t easy for either of them — but over the past two years the pair did wind up finding love, at least in the relationship they developed with each other. “In the process of me trying to convince her, she said, ‘Okay, but you do it too,’” granny says.Most of us go to our closest friends for relationship advice, and we tend to ignore the suggestions given to us by people older than we are who may not have experienced our current dating culture.However, sometimes, old-fashioned wisdom holds true, and relationship advice from grandma on how to make things last may be the best advice you can get. "A healthy, happy, lasting relationship needs the same abilities to share thoughts and feelings with each other, to work through problems with the intent of reaching a solution rather than just browbeating each other about who’s right or wrong, and to hang in there, through good times and bad."It's tempting to brush off the suggestions of someone who grew up in a different era, but it's time to think twice about ignoring what they have to say.She might reference dates at the local diner or use lingo like "going steady," but embedded in these outdated dating terms are some nuggets of relationship advice you might actually want to consider. Here are nine tips from your grandma on how to have a successful, long-lasting relationship experts say you should actually listen to."Time-honored advice holds true because, while fashions, fads and technology change, the basic skills of human communication, cooperation and commitment don’t," couples psychotherapist Tina B. Grandma is right: The way we speak to each other matters.These dynamics are really easy to enter when we are upset or hurt by one another, and they only make matters worse.