This would bring a more dedicated and professional but would require a reduction of over one thousand positions, as Phoenix Comicon cannot afford to pay over 1,400 volunteers.

It would further require an update to our existing organizational structure and process.

Maintaining the status quo is not an option, no matter how much we all wish that it could be.

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We estimate that less than 30% of existing staff would be offered a paid position.

Two – liaise with a non-profit social club recognized as a 501(c)(7) whose members pay annual dues.

That model is so prevalent within conventions and sporting events that it never occurred to me that there might be legal hurdles in operating in such a fashion.

However, in recent years, both private parties and governmental agencies have taken the position that a for-profit company can only use volunteer labor under limited circumstances and the lines are not always bright.

The resulting firestorm over this announcement has shown that the Blue Ribbon Army will not live up to its full potential with my direct involvement.

Many of you were concerned over my involvement as an Equity and Board member and any perceived conflicts of interest.Unfortunately, by not clearly explaining the reason for the change, many in the community took away an unintended message," Solberg wrote. We also want to solicit your comments and feedback on the options available to Phoenix Comicon going forward.Now, Solberg said he is now open to either option and wants to hear from staff and those who've volunteered on which option they prefer. When I started Phoenix Comicon I simply followed the model that existed for decades prior to me: volunteers working for a for-profit company.Phoenix Comicon can no longer use direct volunteers to staff the convention while maintaining its current status.We have two options: One - go to an all paid staff for Phoenix Comicon.Upon completion I will have no equity or voting stake within Blue Ribbon Army and will not be listed on any documents filed with the state, although Square Egg Entertainment remains a corporate member.