After completing the current guide, also see the companion guide: This guide provides instructions to install and configure the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) to deploy a Windows 10 image.Topics and procedures in this guide are summarized in the following table.

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During the development cycle for MDT 2010, one component that had constant change was the Windows Automated Installation Kit.

MDT requires several components from the WAIK to perform correctly, so we were constantly upgrading. The WAIK installer would set the permissions on the file so regular users could not delete it, and the intra-build upgrades didn’t replace the file automatically.

An estimate of the time required to complete each procedure is also provided.

Time required to complete procedures will vary depending on the resources available to the Hyper-V host and assigned to VMs, such as processor speed, memory allocation, disk speed, and network speed.

The image is located in the C:\MDTBuild Lab\Captures folder on your deployment server (SRV1). This completes the demonstration of how to deploy a reference image to the network.

To conserve resources, turn off the PC2 VM before starting the next section.But booting from Network and/or USB requires a little bit of work.Just a few years ago, in order to boot from other devices, each user would need to ensure that the local machine was configured to boot from these other devices by going into the BIOS at the start of the computer boot-up sequence.Log · Search for the value Deploy Root and do a Find Next to make sure that all values in the log file for Deploy Root are the same.If they are not then there is some setting either in Custom Settings.ini, the database, or on local media that is changing the value One of the frustrations when working with beta software is dealing with constant changes and little support for cross-build (not major version) upgrading.Luckily, if you are using the final released (RTM) version of the WAIK, and upgrading from a previously released version, you should be OK.