I gasped for breaths when ever his mouth allowed it and he ground his crotch into mine.“I think you need a good fucking!

” he told me.“I have got to get home,” I protested, but knew I was starting to like this.

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“Just need to grab a jacket and my coat,” I turned quickly.“Wait a minute! I made a little presentation when I handed Dick the gift and he reached down and grabbed my butt while no one could see.

He liked the gift and made a little speech about the company and our division.

My muscles tightened, my voice scratchy and broken. I know Ruth had to get a face full as I really came hard. I dove into her muff and worked everything I could to discover what she liked.“Oh! As she released my face, I felt a pair of hands on my bare hips, “You are such a slut! As I started to move away, he showed me over on my back, lifted my legs in the air and planted his meat stick inside me.“That’s not what you want,” Ruth came back to life and shoved at his chest. ”In a flash, Dick was on his back and Ruth and I were taking turns sucking his cock and balls.

I was just catching my breath when Ruth got out from under me and said, “Come with me.”I had no idea why she was leading me upstairs and didn’t care. ”Both her hands were on my head now and I felt she was directing me to move lower. We worked his manhood with out hands and our mouths, he called us every dirty name in the book. I ground my pussy all over his face as he lashed at it with his tongue and fucked me with his fingers. ”We hugged for a brief moment and then Ruth drove me home. We agreed to get together again soon.“Merry Christmas,” we hugged each other good-by.“Maybe we can get together for New Years Eve?

“We’ll just pick you up at your apartment at ,” the woman’s voice on the phone instructed me, “And that’s all there is to it, Tonia!

”“OK,” I chuckled, “See you then.”The woman on the phone was Ruth, the wife of my boss, Dick.

Ruth seemed to be always near by and praising me for my help.

I kept my blazer on all night and no one other than Dick had seen the full effect, so to speak, of the dress.

” Steve added, “That’s what you said.”So I slipped it off and turned around quickly to whistles and cat calls.

Steve was mumbling something about riding someone’s cock.

Ruth had some wings to bake and I mixed up a cheese spread as well as fixed some other stuff she had too.