It takes confidence to lead, and guys looking for someone to lead them, either through a scene or through a long-term relationship, will notice that first.

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Kindness, politeness and affection were also often mentioned.

Everyone wants to be cared for, and submissive men are no exception.

Since I’d love for everyone who wants to have F/m relationship be able to find one, I decided to put this guide together.

I gathered input from several dominant identified women and a few dozen submissive identified men on what is hard about finding a submissive guy, and where the submissive guys are and how to best connect with them. It may take practice and it might not always go over well, but guys who don’t appreciate the woman that they’re flirting with tugging on the reins a little probably aren’t interested in handing them over in a relationship or in the bedroom.

It is especially important to know that if you’re going to make yourself vulnerable to someone that she’s not going to break you, or that at the very least, she’ll put you back together afterwards.

That’s a major difficulty that everyone looking for a long-term relationship with kink compatibility is going to have to deal with.

Even people who are looking for something as low key as a regular play partner or just someone to scene with for the evening, are likely to have more in mind than someone who only ticks the boxes for preferred gender and role.

Finding a partner is hard, and the more qualifiers you add the harder it is.

It is my sincere hope that this post will prove helpful to someone reading this.