Because the bequest did not contain an allowance for books or materials, Yale English professor Chauncey Brewster Tinker petitioned Yale alumni to donate materials that would give the university a collection as monumental as its new building.

The collection is now taking up so much space she’s been forced to start hanging some of her collectibles on the ceilings.

And she admits it’s not everybody’s cup of tea – with even some of her friends and relatives not understanding why she needs so many.

One of her most valuable items is a handmade bee that was part of the original Disney World Winnie the Pooh costumes.

There are only ten left in the world and they are thought to be worth up to $1,000.

These are abstract allegorical sculptures by Isamu Noguchi that are said to represent time (the pyramid), sun (the disc), and chance (the cube).

This level also features a secure reading room for visiting researchers, administrative offices, and book storage areas.

Harkness and several major collections from the Beinecke family, most notably its collection on the American West.

The amassed collection proved too large for Sterling's reading room, and the reading room unsuited to their preservation.

Now, the collection spans through to the present day, including such modern works as limited-edition poetry and artists' books.