It takes a lot of time, energy, and consistency to build trust but it can be lost in a moment.I like to go to the dictionary to ground myself in the source of the word.Should they confirm the broken trust and not want to initiate reconciliation, express your disappointment in the impact on the relationship.

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Ask God to minister to your spirit and emotions and enable you to gain a balanced view.

Take a deep breath and get in control of your emotional responses.

Leave the door open so that when they come to a point of regret they will be able to find the way to restoration.

The important thing is to not participate in the damage by adding injury to injury.Thanks for helping us achieve our goal of helping everyone on the planet learn how to do anything! It’s all too commonplace in today’s relationships, with about 41% of married individuals admitting to have cheated on their partner.Webster defines trust as: The interesting thing about trust is that we do not think about it very much until it is broken.The results of a broken trust can be very devastating.Broken trust = broken relationship Trust is a foundational element of any relationship. (I say all parties because trust can be lost in a group relationship as well as in individual relationships.) Another sad element about broken trusts is that too often the one that is injured is the only one that cares about the continuation of the relationship.