Rogue states often reject human values and brutalize their own people. the practice of volunteers exercising their right of free speech to advise women against abortion as they walk on sidewalks toward abortion clinics; liberals have passed laws to restrict and censor this a law-and-order term, "smoking gun" was first used as figurative term in a reported judicial decision in Rodgers v.

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may have existed earlier, but popularized in 1924 by Leon Trotsky.

Describes a sympathizer of a cause but who does not formally belong to the cause, such as a communist sympathizer who is not part of the communist party.

Following the ceremony, Mc Cain and Domenech celebrated with dinner and dancing surrounded by their family and close friends.' Meghan Mc Cain, 33, wed her conservative pundit beau Ben Domenech, 35 (right), on Tuesday evening at the Mc Cain family lodge in Sedona, Arizona.

She was walked down the aisle by her father Senator John Mc Cain (pictured, right, with Meghan) Members of the public were wondering if wedding bells were soon ringing for the couple.

Michigan and Pennsylvania, which for nearly 30 years were "safe" Democratic states in presidential elections totaling a whopping 36 electoral college votes in 2016, but won by Donald Trump in a massive upset aided by their lack of early voting that is manipulated by Democrats in other states.

a person who adheres to conservative principles within the Democratic party, once called a Boll Weevil; as of 2009 there are 45-50 Blue Dog Democrats in the House of Representatives, which is enough to form a majority with Republicans derived from the Chinese term "xǐnǎo" soon after the communist takeover of China, "brainwashing" means forced abandonment of faith in favor of regimented atheism.

The term was invented by the communists in its original, non-negative sense, but the conservatives were the first to use it as a pejorative term. Hayakawa campaign to describe California Democratic incumbent U. Senator John Tunney, whom Hayakawa defeated in an upset. 1948) an undisciplined person or program that dangerously lacks forethought; used in mid-November 1976 to describe billion in unspent appropriations by the Ford Administration: "'That money,' says Arnold Packer, a senior Senate Budget Committee economist who is helping Carter draw up his shadow budget, 'is like a loose cannon rolling around the deck' because a sudden reappearance of the funds could be inflationary." (Business Week) William Safire wrote in the New York Times in 1983, "Misandry, from the Greek misandros for 'hating men,' is in the 1961 Merriam-Webster New International Dictionary, and the Oxford Dictionary Supplement traces it to 1946. Andry,' but I wonder why we need the Greek word for it. "used initially to describe right-leaning politicians from the Midwest including Gerald Ford when he passed away, the term captures the mixture of common sense, intellectualism, and faith that leads the conservative movement from the heartland.

first coined by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, it refers to the effect on the economy of a sharp drop in spending and perhaps an increase in taxes scheduled to take effect at approximately the same time.verb, meaning to change political position, typically due to liberal pressure. A state of a society, organization, or group in which fornication and related behaviors are presupposed to be normal, morally good, and expected. the liberal tendency to incrementally broaden the original goals of an organization or mission; used by Tucker Carlson to describe the defect in the investigation by Robert Mueller of the Trump Administration in 2017 "Under the New Economic Policy, [the new French Prime Minister Raymond] Barre has made it clear that industrial lame ducks can no longer count on the generosity of Nanny i.e.

Each year the English language develops about a thousand new words.