The alleged killers are believed to have planned to carry out a revenge plot on behalf of Nonwangchai, who believed Klinjui had snitched on her boyfriend who was then arrested on a drug-related charge Horrified farmers discovered the corpse in the middle of the afternoon before alerting police. They identified her by distinctive tattoos on her back and a tattoo on her left chest which read 'Poppy'.

Officers said they believed the killer had a 'personal grudge' with Klinjui. He said at the time of her murder: 'The dead girl was killed elsewhere, cut somewhere else, then put into a bag and transported in a car to be buried in the area.'We believe this was a personal vendetta.

He added: 'Preeyanuch insisted she met the victim by chance about 1am of May 25 after not having seen her for a year.

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Meanwhile Uajit Virojtrairat, director of the Foundation for Media Studies and a sub-commission member of Broadcasting Media Consumer Protection, told the Bangkok Post many people see Nonwangchai 'as an idol'.

Klinjui, who worked at a karaoke bar, reported Nonwangchai's boyfriend for dealing drugs and led to his arrest last year.

Police initially arrested the schoolfriend she was having an affair with but she was later released.

But according to police, Nonwangchai held onto a burning grudge, attacked her to 'teach her a lesson', then when Klinjui fought back, strangled her before cutting her body into two pieces.

Prousoontorn said: 'The suspects were flown from Chiang Rai to Bangkok and then there will be a re-enactment of the crime at the scene in Khon Kaen.'National police commissioner Pol Gen Chakthip Chaijinda said the three women were charged with premeditated murder, hiding a body and receiving stolen items.

He said alleged ringleader Nonwangchai had a feud with the victim since last year after Klinjui reported her and her boyfriend to police for drugs offences and she was owed 40,000 baht.Human Rights Watch said today that forces were complicit in disarming Rohingya Muslims of makeshift weapons and standing by, or even joining in, as Rakhine Buddhist mobs killed men, women and children in June and October 2012.The human rights abuses took place in Myanmar despite widespread political, social and economic reforms by a quasi-civilian government that took power in March 2011 and convinced the West to suspend most sanctions to allow aid and investment into one of Asia's poorest countries.'While the state security forces in some instances intervened to prevent violence and protect fleeing Muslims, more frequently they stood aside during attacks or directly supported the assailants, committing killings and other abuses,' the report said of the unrest, in which at least 110 people died.Nonwangchai's sister told officers that the gang only planned to 'attack her in revenge for snitching to police'.She said: 'Preeyanuch said she and her friends only planned to lure her somewhere to assault her in revenge.'But then the woman said, 'If I survive, then you die', so she became enraged.'Following the murder, Nonwangchai posted several pictures online of cartoon character Chucky holding a knife.Nonwangchai confessed to strangling Klinjui in a furious rage after her boyfriend was reported to police for drug dealing and later arrested.