Parameters from a data-bound control include both values for the data operation and for key values to identify a specific row, as defined by the definitions to specify parameter order, parameter type, and parameter direction as well as additional parameters other than those based on fields bound to a control.

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After a record is successfully updated, the Updated event is handled by an event handler to perform a post-processing step where an e-mail message notification is sent.

The following code example demonstrates how to display data that is retrieved from a Microsoft SQL Server database in a Drop Down List control and update the record using a Text Box control.

event to perform additional initialization operations that are specific to your application, to validate the values of parameters, or to change the parameter values before the Sql Data Source control performs the update operation.

The connection to the underlying data source is not yet open when the event handler delegate is called.

Is it possible to use a variable as an update parameter in

I have the page number to be updated stored in a variable called 'mypagenum', how would I write an update parameter using that value.

Optimistic concurrency is a database strategy that protects against losing changes at a data source in scenarios where multiple users are manipulating the data at the same time.

The , which means that update operations overwrite any existing values in the record without determining whether the record has been modified by another source.

This scenario is sometimes called "last writer wins." You can set the control includes all original values during the update or delete command.

This allows you to write your SQL statement in such a way that if the data currently in the database does not match the data that was initially read from the database, the update operation is not performed.

The actual syntax of the SQL statement depends on the schema of your data and on which database you are using.