It also allows great use of spells and other features.The problem is that Cunning Surge requires a lot of Inspiration Points (and at this point, it’s not the only thing you’ll want them for).It grants you Inspiration Points equal to the total number of times you’ve taken the feat. With only 1-3 levels, Font of Inspiration is of only dubious utility.

If you are single-classed, but expect to play at only mid-ish levels (from roughly 6-14 or so), three Fonts of Inspiration is probably the sweet spot.

If you are Human (which is desirable here), grabbing two at level 1 can get you pretty far.

The basic premise is, Factota generally come in 1, 3, 8, or 20 levels. Factotum 20 is pretty straightforward, and works well.

The tricky part is Factotum 8, to take advantage of Cunning Surge on some other type of character.

Any character with one level of Factotum, in other words, has the class skill max for every skill in the game, even when he takes other classes, so rule 2 is covered and you only need concern yourself with rule 1.

Happily, Able Learner from Races of Destiny fixes rule 1 – it allows cross-class skills to be taken at 1 rank per skill point.

Basically, you’re doing this for the “all skills are class skills” thing.

For the purposes of max skill ranks, once a class skill means always a class skill, so if you have Factotum 1, you can max out any skill in the game.

The answer here is , a feat that can be taken repeatedly, and grants Inspiration Points quadratically with respect to the number of times you take it.

If you are only going for Factotum 8, you’re going to want a lot of this feat. You have tons of class features, and with twenty levels, you do not need Font of Inspiration so much.

That’s a lot of skills, and furthermore Initiative is explicitly a Dexterity check, which means you get to add Int to that, too. The ability to get an extra Standard Action in a turn is very rare, and for very good reason.