I think we gave it its name when I was real little, when I asked why it tasted so good and my forever facetious father replied that it was made with a thousand layers.

“Hey, dad, what’s with the TLL tonight, my birthday isn’t for a whole ‘nother month?

” I’ll be turning thirteen and my dad knew this was a special one for me.

Immediately he started applying to job listings, he made a profile online, and even scoured Craigslist.

Regardless, day after day and then month after month I would come home to find him sitting at his desk taking those online courses.

With all the lawyer drama and endless hours at work to pay the legal bills he didn’t have the time, little alone the money, to go to college.

Then once he started moving up in the company he decided to focus on his career instead of trying to go back to school.

I’m sure he figured it was better to stick with the job he had and give his little girl everything she wanted instead of living paycheck to paycheck for who knows how long.

After eleven years instead of hearing about his next promotion my dad tells me that because of laws being passed in our state, business for the company just isn’t what it used to be and they had to let him go.

I’m excited because I’m no longer going to be a kid; I’m finally going to be a teenager.

“Well,” my dad said rather cautiously, “actually, I have a bit of an announcement.” I stopped eating and looked up curiously, “What…?

“I know, dad, thanks,” I smile at him and thus we checked off that father daughter bonding moment. I was outgrowing my training bras fast and had recently picked up my first real bra from A&E.