The practice developed over time into adopting multiple names from any members of an individual's family, with extremely confusing results which create difficulties in reconstructing the agnatic family to which a person belonged.

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According to the Kleterologos, composed in the 9th century by Philoteos, functions were divided into three categories, relating to the imperial army, the provincial army and the civil administration, with corresponding titles for each level of function within each category.

As an individual rose in the hierarchy of functions, he changed his title according to the pre-set rules.

The name "Byzantium", as applied to the empire which developed around the city of Constantinople, is a misnomer.

However, there appears to be no other expression which should more appropriately be used.

The second class consisted of the sbastos, which included all sons of a sbastokrator.

Family names evolved into a symbol of nobility, leading to individuals adding the family names of spouses, mothers or grandmothers to their own paternal family names, although the process does not appear to have followed any particular rules.

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Reference has also been made to the CD Rom Prosopography of the Byzantine Empire I (641-867), both to cross-check primary source material and for direct quotes from less well-known sources.